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Good nutrition and healthy eating habits are built around three key elements: mind, muscle and mouth. Just as a three-legged stool is most sturdy with each leg intact, so is our nutritional foundation.

  • Mind: developing a positive relationship with food, exercise and our body, as evidenced by realistic attitudes, positive thoughts and feelings and everyday choices that support our goals.
  • Muscle: making a firm commitment to exercise or train in a healthy manner or to be physically active or simply move (whatever you choose to call it!) most days of the week – respecting and supporting our body and all that it enables us to do.
  • Mouth: knowing what to eat and how to eat, at home and away from home; not relying on quick fixes like supplements or diets, but eating the foods we need along with the foods we want.

Healthy eaters achieve a balance in each of these three areas. People who have trouble reaching and/or maintaining a healthy weight or successfully completing a physical challenge they prepared for, such as running a marathon, or those who struggle with food because they don’t like their body most likely need to address one if not all of these areas.

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