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The Comprehensive Nutritional Resource for Endurance Athletes

Just starting out or a veteran competitor who wants to move to the next level? Endurance Sports Nutrition-Third Edition (2014) was written just for you – the runner, ultrarunner, cyclist, triathlete, adventure racer, mountain biker, rower, open-water swimmer, Nordic skier or hiker/ mountaineer who lives by the philosophy, “no guts, no story!”

A former elite runner (4:28 mile/32:40 10K, USA T&F 5000-meter track champion, member 3 USA teams) and an avid cyclist, Suzanne Girard Eberle is a board-certified sports dietitian/nutritionist who practices what she teaches!

Go longer (and faster) with the latest and most credible science-based food and nutrition recommendations, plus practical advice, that target the unique needs of endurance athletes:

Road and trail-running, from 5K to 100+miles
Cycling and mountain biking, from time trials to multiday rides
Duathlon and triathlon, from sprint to Ironman
Winter sports, from Nordic ski races to mountain ascents
Water sports, including rowing and open water swimming
Adventure races and other multi-sport adventures, one day efforts to multiday expeditions
Environmental conditions, dealing with extreme heat, cold and high altitude

Complete with day-to-day eating plans, practical advice from top endurance and ultraendurance athletes, and real-life strategies for avoiding the most common nutrition pitfalls that endurance-minded athletes face, Endurance Sports Nutrition-Third Edition will get you to the starting line – and more importantly, the finish line.

A must-have for yourself, your training partner or the person in your life who is driving you crazy – you know, the one training for the umpteenth time for (fill in the blank) “until they get it right!”


For a personalized, signed copy for yourself or to give as a gift, contact Suzanne or use this order form.

Endurance Sports Nutrition-Third Edition is available also directly from the publisher at www.humankinetics.com or find a copy at www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com and major bookstores.

What People Are Saying About Endurance Sports Nutrition

” This new edition provides the essential information on sports nutrition for endurance athletes. Digest it with the proper fuel and you’ll have a winning combination!”

Scott Jurek
7-time Champion, Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run


” Endurance Sports Nutrition provides advice and nutrition plans that will maximize performance and promote lifelong health.”

Michael Barry
2-time Olympic Cyclist


” Endurance Sports Nutrition is like having your own personal sports dietitian throughout every step of your training.”

Jean Knaack
Executive Director of Road Runners Club of America


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