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As a nutrition, health and fitness expert, Suzanne excels at translating the science into real-life advice that people can understand and put into practice. Her philosophy? Knowledge is power – as long as you know how to use it!

Suzanne’s nutrition articles and advice have appeared in numerous popular publications such as USA Today, Newsweek, Shape, SELF, National Strength & Conditioning Journal, Athletic Therapy Today, Running Times, Runner’s World, Men’s Fitness, Bicycling, deliciousliving, Outdoors NW Magazine, NY Runner, Women’s Running and Marathon & Beyond.

Combining her professional expertise as a board-certified sports dietitian/nutritionist with her first-hand experiences as a former elite runner and now avid outdoors woman, Suzanne is also the author of a unique sports nutrition book written just for endurance athletes – Endurance Sports Nutrition-Third Edition (Human Kinetics, 2014).

Suzanne in the media
DyeStat (the Internet Home of High School Track & Field): Powering Into the Post-Season
Running Times: Grains on the Go-why whole grains should be in your training diet
Web MD: Exercising in the Heat
Eating, Drinking and Loving Your Body, Northwest Woman (including cover photo)
Fitness: busting myths about fluids, eating and catching colds, USA Today
Get moving – away from bad food choices, USA Today
10K training tips, Shape Magazine
Should we all be vegetarian?, Newsweek
Weight loss maintenance, Men’s Fitness
26 Tips for running your best 26.2, Runner’s World Magazine
Not just your daughter’s problem-eating disorders haunt us at middle age as well as adolescence, The Columbian
Stop holiday weight gain, Energy for Women
Newsweek ( To Your Health: Up Close and Edible: Sports Drinks

*** NW Women’s Journal selected Suzanne as one of 2007′s 100 Most Powerful Women in Town! ***

Selected articles by Suzanne
Raising the Bar: how to find the best energy bar, Running Times
Disordered Eating and Runners: a troublesome combination, Running Times
No Limits: don’t let these five common prerace nutrition mistakes slow you down, Women’s Running
Sports Dietitians: vital team players in any athletic setting, Athletic Therapy Today
Afternoon Slump Busters, Men’s Fitness
The Female Athlete Triad, Strength and Conditioning Journal (NSCA)
Protein for Peak Performance, deliciousliving
Go with the (Whole) Grain, Peak Running Performance

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